The Common Denominator of Success

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In reading session #7, I read the section Short-Term Gain Can Cause Long-Term Pain, and also read  the section The Common Denominator of Success of the Introduction chapter: The Miracle of Self-Discipline from the book, No Excuses: The Power of Self-Discipline by Brian Tracy. And it goes like this…

The Common Denominator of Success

Herbert Grey, a businessman, conducted a long-term study searching for what he called “the common denominator of success.” After eleven years, he finally concluded that the common denominator of success was that “successful people make a habit of doing the things that unsuccessful people don’t like to do.”

And what were these things? It turned out that the things that successful people don’t like to do are the same things that failures don’t like to do either. But successful people do them anyway because they know that this is the price they have to pay if they want to enjoy greater success and rewards in the future.

What Grey found was that successful people are more concerned with “pleasing results,” whereas failures were more concerned about “pleasing methods”. Successful, happy  people were more concerned with the positive, long-term consequences of their behaviors, whereas unsuccessful people were more concerned with personal enjoyment and immediate gratification.

Motivational speaker, Denis Waitley, has said that the top people were those who were more concerned with activities that were “goal achieving”, whereas average people were more concerned with activities that were more “tension relieving”.

Both of the sections helped me realize that I need to stay focus with one thing at a time and not be tempted with the “shiny-objects” around me. Are you on the same situation?

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