Why Do I Blog?


Why do I blog

I am a kind of person who like to learn new things constantly. Growing up, I wanted to be a teacher in higher education and since I didn’t fulfill my teaching education, I thought blogging will be a great way to share what I’ve learned and hence, give value to the people who have the interests with what I write.  I have always felt that I have a purpose in this world and that I have to utilize my God-given talents to the fullest to serve others.

What do I enjoy most about blogging?

What I enjoy most about blogging is that I get to spread my message to the world and at the same time it gives me a way of making extra income to provide for my family and for the people in need.

Why you should be blogging, too?

Read this list of 10 compelling reasons that explains why you should start blogging TODAY! 

10 Reasons You Must Start Blogging Today

10 DARN Reasons


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About Jovita Routzong

Jovita Routzong is a seasoned IT Professional and a part-time Internet Marketer . She has  been really successful with lead generation and sales conversion in the online marketing world. Jovita teaches and helps many home-business entrepreneurs around the world build successful business online and achieve their financial freedom and dream lifestyle.